Web Hosting Value


Web hosting is space rented on a computer, connected to the internet, to store website pages, so that they can be viewed by anyone who wants to look.

Top quality web hosting will have all of the following provided with the computer space, and be included in the cost:

Software LiteSpeed CloudLinux
  PHP Softaculous
Storage NVMe SSD Storage MySQL Databases
Security Lets Encrypt SSL DDoS Protection
Environment 100% renewable energy power supply Convection cooling by water and air

The following available options will determine the most suitable hosting plan for you, and the annual web hosting cost.

1) Which control panel?
  DirectAdmin is easier to use, particularly for beginners, and is less expensive. The main alternative, cPanel, has more features and may be preferred if PHP programming is intended.

GCW offers only DirectAdmin hosting, on the server located at 100renewable.com.au

2) How much disk space?
     1 Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes
  Current Sites MB   Contains
  coloursforqld.com.au 68   1 installation of PyroCMS;
many graphics
  harmonia.net.au 134   1 installation of Joomla;
2 installations of Wunder
  newsteadecho.org 323   1 installation of PyroCMS;
over 15 years pdf editions
  enviroed4all.com.au 803   3 installations of WordPress;
many pdf and graphics files
GCW Plans ½ GB (512 MB) 1 GB (1024 MB) 2 GB (2048 MB)

3) What type of email storage? How many email accounts?
  Not stored on web hosting;
downloaded and stored on your computer.
  Stored on web hosting, viewed on your computer; requires more hosting space.
Storage Space Value
GCW DirectAdmin GB Cost Cost/GB
Regular Plans ½ $60 $120
  1 $80 $80
  2 $120 $60

Using the plans above as an example, it might be tempting to assess better value based on cost per GB, and select the 2GB plan.


However, as shown in 3 of the 4 example sites at the left, ½GB would be sufficient for space needs, which is true for most simple websites.
Selection based on Cost/GB is false economy because you would be wasting $60 per year for 1½GB of space most unlikely ever to be used.


The recommended value strategy is to select the smallest space plan available, that has the number of email accounts required. If you later require more space it is possible to upgrade the web hosting to a larger space plan.